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Davide Sonar

Davide Sonar is one of the founders of hardstyle music. Since 2002 his productions have marked the history of Italian Hardstyle and thanks to his unique sound, emotional but hard, he has become very popular worldwide




The enigmatic young French Digikid84 let us know only few thing about him:he was born in 1984 and is named William. This prodigy of electro, funk  feeds on from Prince, to the Detroit house and the disco of Cerrone. Combining these references is not new in itself, what is new it is that Digikid84 knows how to make it sounds so 2011.


Maral Salmassi

MARAL SALMASSI is one striking femme. She exudes talent and beauty, combined with a hint of masculinity, giving her a distinct edge in the music she creates and the way she styles herself. Founder of notable techno label, Konsequent Records in ’97 and new media label, Art of Perception in ’99, Maral’s past explorations in music have paved the way for what is her most exciting and diverse label to date, Television Rocks.


Nenna Yvonne

It may be rude to stop and stare, but Nenna Yvonne leaves you no choice. At age 22, the Nigerian-born/New York-raised pop princess already has the talent, pedigree, looks and desire to reign over the charts indefinitely. Her latest single, “Go Around”—a sultry electro-pop rave-up—boasts hundreds of thousands of spins on the internet. Three minutes of succulent ear candy, it’s not only the product of a diverse musical upbringing, but a harbinger of more cutting-edge crowd pleasers to come.



Red's has been rocking the coast of baja California with their amazing smash up style of Trash Electro and Dubstep! The Two brothers have some energy on Stage!



New Dubstep artists from milan italy, in a short time touring the US Stereoliez has preformed at some high profile events! destorying the crowd wiht some hard banging dubstep with a blend of trash electro! will leave you breathless...



The S


Tom Deluxx


This outstanding French knob twister already made his presence felt through his project Just A Band, Simultaneously also releasing the breakthrough EP’s Drama Queen, Reactive, Run, Wasted, rebirth and Murder was the bass under his normal name.


He also remix for artists like Cyberpunkers, Designers Drugs, Gigi Barocco, Make the girl dance and many more..

Presently, he divides his time between producing superior tracks and spinning at the best clubs in the world.


White House Party

It all started in late 2011 when Alberto Bordignon and Ruslan Zanetti both born in May 1994 decided to join forces giving rise to a new project, "White House Party", their musical style is very distinctive, with a mix of electro house the progressive and a bit of dutch house. Ruslan Zanetti known as RRU at the age of 13 years seizes Fl Studio (the program to make music that still uses) with which experiences various kinds for five years and in March of 2011 with the Taino Records released his first single titled "Hey Hey" in collaboration with his friend Edward Gili.

While Alberto Bordignon (Duke Bordied) from an early age he was sent to piano lessons, which shows his great talent leaving amazed the teachers themselves.


Zero Cash

Zero Cash aka Fabian Stall was only sweet 14 when he decided to dedicate his life to electronic music. First productions were made at his father’s computer using oldschool tracker programs, before he equipped his studio with his first synths and drum computers. In early 2000, he made his first records together with Air Liquide and Dr. Walker (for the label DJungle Fever) under the pseudonym Electro Atomu.