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White House Party


Location: Milan, Italy

It all started in late 2011 when Alberto Bordignon and Ruslan Zanetti both born in May 1994 decided to join forces giving rise to a new project, "White House Party", their musical style is very distinctive, with a mix of electro house the progressive and a bit of dutch house. Ruslan Zanetti known as RRU at the age of 13 years seizes Fl Studio (the program to make music that still uses) with which experiences various kinds for five years and in March of 2011 with the Taino Records released his first single titled "Hey Hey" in collaboration with his friend Edward Gili.
While Alberto Bordignon (Duke Bordied) from an early age he was sent to piano lessons, which shows his great talent leaving amazed the teachers themselves.

2012 for them was definitely a good year and above the year of the first release on beatport, signing with the bedroom records for the first single entitled "Banger" the song was presented on the radio Stellafm by themselves, an entirely successful deserved but surely unexpected by the two young people who have no intention of stopping so in the same year released 2 more singles Over The Sky and The Future Is Here, finding a huge success everywhere with a bit of an endless plays on soundcloud.

Their greatest talent is to entertain people during their DJ sets, a continuous alternation between electro, progressive, and the little nuances of the Dutch, stand still while playing White House Party is almost impossible to fail to convey the emotion that the audience is enormous.

In August 2012 after several appearances on radio and numerous events including Happy Meals, Beach Party, Wild Party ... most famous of Italy in the clubs who have hosted the likes of DJ stereoheroes, pelussje, alex gaudino, symone, the bloody beetroots, Cyberpunkers, Alberti and others, is published an article about them in a well-known English blog, which recount their history and made the song banger with the final date of the release on beatport.
They are actually rapresented in Italy and in Europe by an agency that organizes events throughout Europe:

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Banger (Original Mix) Bedroom Records

Over The Sky (Original Mix)

The Future Is Here (Original Mix)

Ereipi (Original Mix)

Flying (Original Mix)

Take Me Now (Original Mix)

Remixes / Bootleg

Enrique Inglesias – Tonight (Bootleg)

Marsch Marsch & Save  The World (Remix Bootleg)

Happy Violence (Remix)

Cocodrillo vs Knas (Remix Bootleg)

When Love Takes Over vs Live Your Life (Remix Bootleg)

Robot Rock vs Marsch Marsch vs Right Here Right Now (Remix Bootleg)

Ready To Go & Mush Mush (Remix Bootleg)


PROMO MIX download: